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Emotions Explorer: Try this!

Emotions Explorer activities can be designed for online meetings or face to face, or both at the same time. Try this:

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Emotions Explorer: Theoretical background

Elena Svetieva, PhD, Research Associate Center for Creative Leadership The set of terms presented in Emotions Explorer are based on over four decades of research in evolutionary, clinical and social psychology, which has focused on identifying, categorizing and explaining the … READ MORE

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Imperfect beauty: Hierarchy and fluidity in leadership development

In their new paper on vertical leadership development, Imperfect Beauty, Elaine Herdman-Barker and Nancy C. Wallis explore the complexities of development, in which the predictability and order we crave as practitioners is embedded in “an imperfect and fluid process, in which … READ MORE

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Team Wall Posters

Two questions framed this Visual Explorer session for 22 team members: What will I contribute to this team and this work? What will I need from others to bring my best? They created the poster below! Thanks to Alice Cahill, … READ MORE

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