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Visual Explorer in Africa

We are working on a chapter and a story for The Change Handbook, 3rd Edition on the topic of Visual Explorer as a tool for change, and its role and impacts in Africa. Below is an excerpt. Look for the … READ MORE

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Making a friend of time

Making a friend of time: A life long learning pilgrimage filled with Mystery TZiPi, The Vavnik rebbe at Watering the Tree Outside the Fence Foundation Make a friend of time. A Lakota Medicine man spoke these words to me in 1993.  The … READ MORE

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Vertical development of leadership culture

Here is an excerpt of Part 1 of our forthcoming article in Integral Review on the vertical development of leadership culture. The Leadership Culture Toolkit is described in Part 2. Contact John McGuire and Chuck Palus for the full article and look … READ MORE

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Experience Explorer webinar

Please join us and our guests Anand Chandrasekar and Meena Wilson. Sponsored by Labs@CCL. Thursday 10 May, 11 am Eastern. Log in to . No registration required. Please invite others. Meena and Anand will update us with best practices … READ MORE

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A visioning exercise

This wonderful exercise is offered to us by our colleague TZiPi Radonsky. TZiPi is a traveling rabbi-teacher and woman of the world, coach, writer, artist, and our associate at the Center for Creative Leadership.

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About F_rther

Understanding how our diverse perspectives work together to form the bigger picture. F_rther (beta) is a visually-based activity that helps a group with diverse perspectives discover how to better communicate effectively and work together in achieving a shared goal. Between … READ MORE

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