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The Pragmatic Impact on Leaders & Organizations Of Interventions Based in the Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry Approach

Check out this great review of the field of vertical leadership development, specifically the impact of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI) by William R. (Bill) Torbert. A brief taste is shown below. Access the complete article in Integral Leadership Review here. … READ MORE

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Integrating visual images in coaching action plans

Here is a great article on integrating visual images in coaching action plans from Yaron Prywes and Elisabeth Mah. Seeing Polaris: A Call to Integrate Visual Images into Coaching Action Plans The link is full paper is here and the abstract is below. … READ MORE

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Artful coaching: Visual Explorer as a tool for one-on-one leadership coaching

One-on-one coaching of leaders can benefit from artful coaching methods and tools (summarized below). Visual Explorer is one such artful coaching tool supporting a variety of coaching processes and objectives. Here is a link to our article on this subject. … READ MORE

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