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The forces of technology, demographics, and globalization will dramatically change the world of work.  Labs@CCL has traced some of the big trends that are unfolding rapidly across the globe and anticipates the impact they will have on employment, work, and learning. Many of these trends pose great potential for disruption.

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The Embracing Future Trends cards are a beta version. The cards depict trends we have recently been seeing in the context of our work and clients. We expect the list to shift and grow.

We use them as conversation starters, creative design, and strategy-making:

  • What does our own work and world look like in light of these trends?
  • What happens at the intersection of any 2-3 these trends?
  • Are we sensitive to these trends for our clients / members?

Let us know how they work for you!

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Two examples from Embracing Future Trends:

Big data, computing power, sensors, and artificial intelligence will change how we work, empowering us in ways envisioned in science fiction movies.

Future Trends CCL

Future Trends CCL

Robotics, generational and gender shifts will transform the workforce and the employment contract itself. The challenge for individuals and organizations is to anticipate the future, rise to meet these forces, and bend them towards the arc of opportunity.

About Charles J. Palus & David Magellan Horth & Steadman Harrison III

Charles J. Palus & David Magellan Horth are Senior Fellows at the Center for Creative Leadership. Steadman Harrison III is CEO of Global Outreach International, CEO of GOinnovation.com, and Senior Associate for the Center for Creative Leadership.
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