Action-Inquiry Workshop Featuring the Transformations Deck

The Action Inquiry and the Global Leadership Profile Workshop is a 3.5-day workshop for GLPbusiness leaders, consultants, coaches, researchers, and sustainability practitioners who wish to further their personal development and learn about the power and practice of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry—the only approach statistically confirmed as reliably generating both personal and organizational transformation. All workshop participants take the Global Leadership Profile (GLP) and receive feedback on their centre-of-gravity, emergent, and fallback leadership action-logics. Those who wish can become authorized to use and debrief the GLP with their clients.

Here is the flyer with registration details: GLP_Workshop_Oct2016_Flyer

Dates: October 31 through November 3, 2016.

Offered by Elaine Herdman-Barker, and Nancy Wallis, with a special guest appearance by Bill Torbert, Action Inquiry is the only program that comprehensively blends the what, why, and how of transformational leadership development, including:
1) the theory of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI)
2) the assessment of leaders’ predominant action-logics (either
using the GLP or in-action diagnoses), and
3) the ongoing practice of Action Inquiry at the personal, team,
and organizational scales.

About Charles J. Palus & David Magellan Horth

Charles J. Palus & David Magellan Horth are Senior Fellows at the Center for Creative Leadership. Many thanks to Steadman Harrison III, CEO of GO, and Senior Associate for the Center for Creative Leadership.
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