Leadership Culture Toolkit™

About the Leadership Culture Toolkit™

The Leadership Culture Toolkit

The Leadership Culture Toolkit is a way to engage your organization in the self-development of your own culture.

What is our culture now?

How can we improve, develop and even transform our culture to realize our strategies and vision?

The main lever is called leadership culture. We will show you how to work the lever with all your leaders pulling in the same direction.

It’s all in the box — get started!

Available from the Organizational Leadership Practice at the Center for Creative Leadership. Contact Alice Cahill, Rachel Miller, John McGuire, and Chuck Palus via info@ccl.org.

The Toolbox offers a range of applications: (more…)

Vertical development of leadership culture

Here is an excerpt of Part 1 of our forthcoming article in Integral Review on the vertical development of leadership culture. The Leadership Culture Toolkit is described in Part 2. Contact John McGuire and Chuck Palus for the full article and look for it online shortly. mcguirej@ccl.org / palusc@ccl.org

McGuire, J. M., & C.J. Palus (2018). Vertical development of leadership culture. Integral Review. In press.


This article defines leadership culture and provides a framework for its vertical (aka constructive-developmental, or transclusive) transformation. The idea of leadership culture and its developmental potential has been a key focus of research and practice at the Center for Creative Leadership since the mid-1990s, as CCL began transcending and including its domain of developing individual leaders within an explicitly relational ontology. The Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC) Framework models leadership as a relational process operating at both individual and collective levels, in which beliefs and practices for creating DAC are shown to develop vertically. Collaboration with Bill Torbert and associates has produced a model of leadership culture transformation in parallel with the action logics observed in individual leaders. The second part of this article describes an approach to change leadership via multi-year collaborative inquiries grounded in culture. The Change Learning Cycle integrates three intertwining domains of change: self, cultural beliefs, and systems. Finally, the article outlines the use of a leadership culture tool box for change leadership initiatives designed for engaging, scaling, and democratizing leadership culture development for everybody, everywhere.  

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