Embracing Future Trends™

About Embracing Future Trends

The forces of technology, demographics, and globalization will dramatically change the world of work.  Labs@CCL has traced some of the big trends that are unfolding rapidly across the globe and anticipates the impact they will have on employment, work, and learning. Many of these trends pose great potential for disruption.

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The Embracing Future Trends cards are a beta version. The cards depict trends we have recently been seeing in the context of our work and clients. We expect the list to shift and grow.

We use them as conversation starters, creative design, and strategy-making:

  • What does our own work and world look like in light of these trends?
  • What happens at the intersection of any 2-3 these trends?
  • Are we sensitive to these trends for our clients / members?

Let us know how they work for you!

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Appreciating the system

Drawing and facilitation by Bruce Flye

Drawing and facilitation by Bruce Flye

Thanks to Bruce Flye for this report from the field!
quote What we were doing in this NCMS Institute on Leadership and Management in Healthcare:

  1. A Soft Systems Analysis of situations they brought in.
  2. Halfway through all the diagramming, I invited them to look at Transformations and pick out any mental models or behavioral patterns relevant to their system.
  3. We then used the Future Trends cards to agree on three that would most disrupt the system.


Future Trends and You: Try This!

Try This: Future Trends and You

  • Everyone gets a deck of the Future Trends cards and takes 10 minutes to personally review them and sort in order of relevance to their own work. Then discuss in small groups to share top trends, implications, and how they see their organization addressing these challenges/opportunities. Close with a general debrief.
  • To spark innovation in a team, everybody choose one Trend card in response to the question: What might forces could most impact our product and our market in the next 3 years?
  • In a university classroom, design a session looking at the future trends in the field you have been studying (business, psychology, communications, leadership). Each group choose 2-4 cards which they will further explore in research and dialogue.
  • In a leadership development setting, talk about leadership as a social process of creating shared direction, alignment, and commitment – and the ways we create shared DAC is being deeply affected by a number of trends. Browse the cards and choose 1-2 that are already affecting your role as a leader (or citizen, student, manager, member.)