Climate Change Conference, Paris, 2015

UN 2011_logoThe 2015 Climate Change Conference has just concluded in Paris. As we approach the end of the year here in Philadelphia the weather is ominously summer-like.

Visual Explorer was a useful tool in the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, an essential part of the Global Landscapes Forum hosted in parallel to the main Conference.

Hannah Smith, one of the YIL designers (and a collaborator with CCL Labs) sends this report:

D’escrime: Are you ready?

quoteI used Visual Explorer twice: as a framing activity for our active listening session and as a final reflection activity. You can find some pictures attached. It was a hit both times and I let each participant take their final reflection card home.  Once again, I was impressed with the Visual Explorer to transcend language and cultural barriers and facilitate communication and collaboration of young professionals.”

Hannah Smith is a former CCL-Ethiopia Intern, and is currently a PhD student in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho.

, one of the delegates, describes the Initiative on the Green Blog at the Huffington Post:

quoteAn essential part of the forum was the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, which offered the opportunity for youth (18-35 years old) from around the world to develop and present innovative solutions to five of the most critical landscape issues.

22930096003_586d467226_z“Assisted by a high profile steering committee and mentors, for four days fifty students, young professionals and volunteers with very different but also very complementary profiles worked together in dynamic groups. On the second day of the GLF, last Sunday, they pitched their ideas to a dragon’s den, consisting of some of the most important professionals involved in landscapes giving critical feedback.”

Photo credit: Marina Cerbonnier at YPARD




Youth in Landscapes Initiative delegates, Paris Climate Conference 2015

Youth in Landscapes Initiative delegates, Paris Climate Conference 2015

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