Experience Explorer in Singapore with Emerging Leaders

Here is a report from the field about using Experience Explorer in a program for youth leaders.

quoteHi Meena,

I’d like to share my first ever experience in using the Experience Explorer cards last Friday in a ‘live’ class. On the whole, it went well and was well-received by the participants.

LE distribution Co. R 13 July 2013

Program: 3-day leadership program

Participants: Young or emerging leaders, mainly team leaders and newly promoted leaders who were individual contributors before. Total of 18 participants, mainly from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia

I used the EE cards on the last day of the program with the intention of providing the participants to reflect on their earlier experiences and apply these with the key learning that was gained from the 3-day program.

Some comments by the participants:

“I saw my life and career pass before my eyes.”

“The cards allowed me to reflect on my past experiences and I realized that I had many good ones.”

“I realized that there are some other experiences I have yet to encounter.”

I drew a framework for the experiences on a flip chart paper and invited the participants to place a sticky dot on their experience segment. This provided a good summary of the distribution of experiences of the class. See attachment.

Most of the participants were able to have a conversation lasting about 10 to 15 minutes each in the paired sharing of experience session.

My ending was to suggest to the participants to look at their memorable experience and replicate it, and to also look at the experiences they have yet to have and make plans to experience one or two of these new ones.


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