Integrating Social Media in Youth Leadership Training

This field report is from Nadja Shashe, team member of the CCL Addis Ababa, Ethiopia office and inventor of the Social Media Station.

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quoteA target group within the Leadership Beyond Boundaries initiative is youth. To get their attention and create a sustainable outreach, our team in Addis Ababa is integrating social media in youth leadership training programs.

One example of this effort is the Social Media Station that we invented for the Youth Voices for Peace project in Nakuru, Kenya.

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YV4P Hypothesis: Developing Kenyan youth’s leadership skills leads to increased ability to analyse communitiy issues, develop ideas and proposals to address real issues, engage in dialogue with different stakeholders, influence the behavior and actions of others in a positive way, and drive change at Society, Organisational/Institutional, Group and Individual levels (SOGI).

The Social Media Station is one among several leadership stations within a training approach that the group calls Round Robin. It was designed to assure sustaining the relationships with the young trainees, as well as providing the opportunity to deepen leadership conversations afterwards. The Round Robin approach helps to facilitate Leadership Essentials content, split up into single topics, to several groups simultaneously.

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While the groups are switching between the stations learning about their Social Identity, Mental Models and so forth, they also pass through the Social Media Station. Similar to the other stations, the method is interactive. They are guided to reflect about a specific topic and encouraged to share their thoughts with their peers, and to go home with a leadership lesson learned.

In case of the Youth Voices for Peace project, we decided to use CCL’s Values Explorer and Visual Explorer as part of the station. We let the trainees choose what values they connect to creating peaceful behavior among their peers, and define a leadership style that supports creating a peaceful environment (aided by Visual Explorer).

YV4P 1After that they shared what cards they picked and why they did so on the project’s Facebook page called Youth Voices 4 Peace. Sharing via Facebook supports the reflection process through responding directly to the postings by the involved CCL team and the projects youth trainers.

Beyond that, this approach created the opportunity to directly amplify the youth voices of the trainees and make them part of the project’s online movement. Connecting all participants allowed a very active exchange of all these voices.

YV4P 2

One youth team was chosen to be facilitators during the Round Robins. This was a train the trainer aspect of the program. They can guide each other, developing their state of being, with an admired state of mind, and through that become the change in their society.

Another factor of sustainability is the opportunity to continue the conversations about leadership topics online by providing short & precise information that deepens their reflection process from the training and debrief this continuation too.

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The online enhancement can contain further parts of the Leadership Essential program that where not touched during the Round Robin, instructions for experiential activities with the option of posting the pictures or videos of the activity, or simply tips to integrate the lessons learned in their daily life. The Social Media Station turned out to be a successful bridge between the online continuation of the training and the face to face training. The Values Explorer and Visual Explorer, used as card sets, could be a start to transfer the hands on tools to their online version. (Wisdom Explorer, and LiFE Explorer, and Leadership Metaphor could also be used.)

If we got you interested in learning more about the fusion of Social Media and Leadership don’t hesitate to contact me: Nadja Shashe (, team member of the Addis Ababa office and inventor of the Social Media Station. And you can find us on Facebook:

Nadja Shashe | Women Empowerment & ICT Manager
Leadership Beyond Boundaries
CCL EMEA – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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