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Use of Collaboration Explorer and Visual Explorer in a Capacity Building Retreat in Nairobi

By Kathy Vaughan Center for Creative Leadership I used Collaboration Explorer and Visual Explorer as part of a retreat for a high performing team within a multilateral agency whose work is pro-poor. The team is comprised of core staff and several consultants. … READ MORE

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Leadership Explorer tools in Leadership at the Peak

Here’s a story of Wisdom Explorer in combination with Visual and Metaphor Explorers, from our colleague Dave Altman. Dave is an early adopter and shaper of the Leadership Explorer™ tool series. Dave is COO at the Center for Creative Leadership. … READ MORE

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Experience Explorer™ at ASTD 2011: An Introduction

David Magellan Horth conducted the first Experience Explorer™ session outside of India during the ASTD 2011 Conference. The crowd loved it! Thanks to all our fine CCL colleagues who made this happen! (Experience Explorer was formerly named LiFE Explorer.) Here’s … READ MORE

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Effective Group Coaching

Jennifer Britton has a new book called Effective Group Coaching: Tried and Tested Tools and Resources for Optimum Coaching Results. On her blog she cites Visual Explorer™ as the first of My Five Favorite Group Coaching Tools This Year. An … READ MORE

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Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit: Video introduction to VE (VIDEO)

Visual Explorer was used to close Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit, and the event was captured on video. The question posed was “What is one of the most important things that you learned about leadership at the Global Youth Summit?” The … READ MORE

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10,000 images

Here is a re-post from Andrew Webster on the ExperiencePoint blog, about an experiment in the power of images to stick in memory. clipped from blog.experiencepoint.com Visuals for Learning There are countless advantages to leveraging visuals to enhance learning. I’ll … READ MORE

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Picturing action learning

My good colleague Tom Boydell at Inter~Logics writes: Hullo Chuck … It was interesting to hear of your postcard and playing card versions of Visual Explorer. We continue to use the original form extensively – some of the pictures are … READ MORE

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97 percent of the 89 employers surveyed believe that arts training is crucial to developing creativity

Here’s a message from Lou St. Ville (Director of Education and Development at Crate&Barrel, & an alum of the Center for Creative Leadership’s Leading Creatively Program) … From: St. Ville, Lou [mailto:@crateandbarrel.com]Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 1:20 PMTo: Palus, Chuck; … READ MORE

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