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The DAC Framework: Creating shared direction, alignment, and commitment

How would you know if leadership is happening in a team, in a workgroup, on a task force, or across the organization? Look for three important outcomes: direction, alignment and commitment (DAC). Making Leadership Happen, Cindy McCauley

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Neighborhood Connections: Dialogue and Community Engagement in Cleveland

We enjoy hearing from people who are intrigued by Visual Explorer and looking for ways to use it in their own work. Below is a thread of conversation with Sue Wolpert, a change maker in Cleveland (here, here, and here … ) and … READ MORE

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About Boundary Explorer

Boundary Explorer™ is a tool for understanding and exploring interdependent leadership by leading across boundaries. It promotes understanding of five boundary types, plus three strategies, six practices, and dozens of tactics for enabling leadership across boundaries. What is Boundary Spanning Leadership? … READ MORE

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