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Leadership in permanent whitewater: Playing with the metaphor (VIDEO)

The essay below was first published in 1997. Several generations of kayak design have come and gone since then, and David Magellan Horth and I have run the Nantahala River in a tandem kayak, twice. The main point of the … READ MORE

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The DAC Framework: Creating shared direction, alignment, and commitment

How would you know if leadership is happening in a team, in a workgroup, on a task force, or across the organization? Look for three important outcomes: direction, alignment and commitment (DAC). Making Leadership Happen, Cindy McCauley

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Values for Leadership and Sustainability at Multnomah County

Our colleague Darcy Winslow at The Academy for Systemic Change used Values Explorer to create conversations about leadership and sustainability among the executive leadership team in Multnomah County. Excerpts from her field notes and photos are below. Notice the leaning in, engagement … READ MORE

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Protected: Leadership in a Dynamic Ecosystem

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Opportunities to lead and experience full lives: Living the mission at UGARC

What does the mission statement mean to you? What do you need to do for the mission statement to be fully achieved?   – framing questions for the UGARC Visual Explorer sessions Our colleagues at the social services organization Ulster-Greene … READ MORE

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Strategy as a Learning Process

Hughes, R.L., & Beatty, K.C. (2005). Becoming a strategic leader. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass An important part of strategic thinking is visual, imaginative, and intuitive. Visual Explorer is a tool for supporting this often neglected part of strategic thinking. VE supports … READ MORE

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VE cards used in one-one-one interviews to assess an organization’s leadership culture

Jon Abeles (Senior Vice President, Talent Management & Diversity) used the small-size Visual Explorer Cards during interviews and focus groups, with the goal of assessing the effectiveness of senior leadership within a region. In one-on-one interviews dealing with sensitive corporate … READ MORE

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Future scenario creation

Adapted from The Leaders Edge. Summary: Scenarios are possible futures, deliberately explored. Used by organizations to navigate through complexity toward a preferred future, scenarios are an increasingly common leadership tool. Creating scenarios of possible futures is a way to help … READ MORE

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