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Visual Explorer at RedZebra

This is a brief montage of a Visual Explorer session from the enormously talented and creative folks at RedZebra. Notice the journal writing step that greatly enhances the depth of a VE session.

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Visually Exploring an Interdependent Future (VIDEO)

Visual Explorer can be an effective tool for collaborative visioning. What follows is a visual case study of leaders in an organization connecting the current state to their desired future state in a series of images and actions, woven into … READ MORE

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Boundary Spanning Leadership in Sedona with Visual Explorer (VIDEO)

Facilitated by Rich Been and Rod Mahs from the Center for Creative Leadership. More about Boundary Spanning Leadership here. Boundary Spanning Leadership | Sedona, Arizona 2011 Facilitated by Rich Been & Rod Mahs

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A video taste of Experience Explorer™ in action

Here is a taste of Experience Explorer in action. Feel the excitement and warmth as participants explore the leadership lessons learned from one very memorable experience which they identify and share with each other.  … A scene from the video …

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Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit: Video introduction to VE (VIDEO)

Visual Explorer was used to close Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit, and the event was captured on video. The question posed was “What is one of the most important things that you learned about leadership at the Global Youth Summit?” The … READ MORE

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VIDEO Intro to Visual Explorer

featuring David Magellan Horth “What makes the process of looking at pictures different in terms of how people look at complex challenges? This is a question we are often asked. It comes down to creating a different kind of conversation. … READ MORE

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