Transformations in Singapore


Kaushik Gopal and Anand Chandreseker

Our Coaching Community of Practice in Singapore was celebrating their one year
anniversary one evening recently and wanted something both fun and serious to engage 20+ of their members and their families. They used the Transformation tool to reflect on their individual life journeys. We discussed the basis of this tool in Bill Torbert’s work on The Seven Transformations of Leadership (this review was engaging but not critical to the experiences that followed).

The cards were all laid out on a table. The instructions were to:  

quoteReflect on your life journey, beginning 10 or 20 or more years ago. Some of us have had longer journeys so far than others! Where are you coming from? Who were you when you were younger? Where our you at now in your life and how do you typically think and act? What are you COP1becoming? What do you aspire to?

Browse the cards and pick one or two that represent yourself and the way you thought and acted in the past. Pick one or two more for yourself in the present. Pick one or two more for who you are becoming or want to become. Lay these out in time sequence. Reflect first to yourself about your life and where it’s going. Now share this journey among two of your colleagues in the room.”

The reflections afterward were very rich:

quoteWhen we put the cards together and shared it suddenly crystallized the story.

It was rewarding to catch a deep glimpse of our lives so far in the past and into the future. I felt drawn to my partners through the metaphors we used to tell our stories.

There were revelations triggered by others who saw patterns in the stories that unfolded–patterns that the owners didn’t at first see.

We saw the values of motivation through each life stage. We saw the life cycles that brought us to where we are. In some cases the transitions are not complete and could take months or years.”



Luck Ser

Lim Luck Ser

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